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Our Story

While scrolling mindlessly through Instagram's Explore page one night, it suddenly clicked: I didn't have to accept this!

I had witnessed droves of well-meaning followers looking to influencers and content creators who, though accomplished in their field, had very poor command of the language they expressed themselves in. Errors then permeated the linguistic lives of their followers, who saw their personal pursuits hampered by ineffective written communication. Writers of significant, world-changing substance were not afforded the platforms their work ought to have commanded, due to difficulties with written expression. 


All of this was compounded by my recurring nightmare of the English language devolving into a few lines of obscure acronyms and emojis by 2030, in full view of a world full of people with so much to say, but no means by which to say it. 


This simply would not do.

Having spent years editing and proofreading for individuals, charities and businesses with outstanding results, I realised (with the encouragement of some incredibly visionary friends) that the need for comprehensive editorial services was right in front of me, far beyond the bounds of my own circle. I didn't have to resign myself to a life of whisper-screaming edits at my phone screen - I could actually reach out and help!  This, dear friends, is how Do It For The Grammar was born.

At DIFTG, we proofread, we edit and we empower. Our aim is to see your wealth presented effectively for the world to benefit from. From post captions to philosophical treatises, excellence distinguishes every project we've been privileged to work on. In truth, we love what we do, and it shows. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch, and do it for the grammar - 2030's depending on you!

China Nwokonkor 

Editor-in-Chief, Do It For The Grammar

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