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Proofreading is the most superficial editorial intervention for a project. It involves a thorough technical check for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting. No changes are made to improve sentence structure, phrasing, voice or flow.

Copy Editing

Copy editing includes the task of proofreading, but also involves deeper analysis of the tone, flow and phrasing of each sentence. It can involve rearranging phrases and suggesting rewrites to optimise these elements while preserving the writer's voice.

Content Editing

At the deep end of editorial work, content editing maximises the entire project's effectiveness in engaging its intended audience. This may involve verifying facts and figures, highlighting difficult passages of text, suggesting rewrites and restructuring the text to improve coherence and clarity.

Copywriting & Ghostwriting

This is where we help you find the words you've been looking for. We walk through your ideas with you and find the language that best conveys your message, creating new text for your project.

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